Air Source Heat Pumps in Cheshire

Every year more and more people across Cheshire and the North West are looking at ways to improve the efficiency of their heating without being reliant on fossil fuels – that’s where our Air Source Heat Pumps can helpDesigned to provide maximum efficiency without the harmful side effects of Fossil Fuels, they represent a great way of moving towards a more sustainable, eco-friendly future.

What are the benefits of an Air Source Heat Pump?

An air source heat pump stops you from relying on expensive, harmful fossil fuels and relies on the renewable technology of air. Although the air source heat pump uses compressor technology that requires electricity to run the pump; typically for every 1kwh of energy used to generate the technology, it provides up to 5.5kwh of heat and hot water in the property.

The additional benefits of an air source heat pump are that there are no ground works! The system typically needs just 1 meter squared outside.

Does the heat pump make any noise?

No, it does not make any noise. In fact some of our evaporators have been measured as low as 42 decibels; quieter than a fridge.

How does the air source pump work?

Outside air is drawn across an evaporator radiator. The fluids within the radiator are warmed by the air, even when the outside air temperature is as low as minus 21 degrees. These fluids are then passed through the heat exchanger as they are recompressed and heat is extracted. This is then passed through further heat exchangers and through to the buffer vessels for uses of heating and domestic hot water.

This technology is more suited to residential properties in suburban areas where garden space is at a premium.

Are there government grants available for heat pumps?


There is the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) which is applicable to technology that is MCS accredited and installed by MCS registered installers, such as ourselves. The RHI runs from the date you register your installation and lasts for seven years for domestic users and twenty years for commercial properties. It is indexed linked and tax free.

What is the current RHI tariff for Air Source Heat Pumps?

The current rate is 7.51p, which will add up as the cost of installing an air source heat pump is substantially lower than Ground Source.

If you are based in Cheshire, Chester or surrounding areas and you are interested in our air source heat pumps, contact us for a non-obligatory quotation from an MCS engineer.