Ground Source Heat Pumps in Cheshire

Why use a Ground Source Heat Pump?

Remove your reliance on expensive fossil fuels by replacing it with a technology that does not need a constant supply of fuel, as it draws heat from the ground. Our heat pumps can be in excess of 500% efficient. So, for every 1kwh of energy used to run the heat pump, it will generate 5.5kwh of heat power. Saving you money!

Are there government grants available?

No, but there is a subsidy scheme called the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive). RHI payments are made from the date of registering your system. payments are 7 years for a domestic user and 20 years for a commercial property. Payments can be significant and typically cover the cost of the pump equipment and installation, long before the conclusion of your RHI period.

To receive RHI, your heat pump installation and equipment needs to be MCS and ERP compliant. All our products are MCS approved and ERP compliant. We are MCS certified installers.

How much space do I need?

Not as much as you would expect. We can use either bore holes or flat collectors across any ground space you may have. It depends on the size and energy efficiency of your property. Inside the property, we would need space for a hot water cylinder and a storage cylinder. These two items ensure high operational efficiency and low running costs are maintained.

How does it work?

It works in much the same way as a fridge does, only in reverse. The four steps are:


In the evaporator heat energy is transferred from the glycol to a closed circuit of refrigerant liquid which circulates inside the heat pump – the refrigerant will then evaporate and change state to a gas.


The refrigerant gas is carried into a compressor which substantially increases the pressure and hence the temperature of the refrigerant (Boyle’s Law).


In the condenser the heat is extracted, the hot refrigerant gas is cooled and condenses back to a liquid. The heat energy is transferred from the refrigerant to the heating or hot water system of the house.


The expansion valve releases the pressure on the refrigerant and the cycle starts all over again.
Providing lots of lovely warmth!

What can I expect to receive from RHI?

The current Ground Source Heat Pump tariff is: 19.33p kwh

If you would like a non obligatory quotation, which will tell you how much your property could expect in RHI, please contact us.

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