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Solar PV


We are very proud to have been given recognised TESLA dealer status. We are only 1 in 60 companies across the UK and Ireland to have been given this, so we are very honoured in deed. If you are interested in a TESLA battery storage system, then please do get...

FIT Change from 1st October 2015 until 31st December 2015

The new tariff rate for solar from the 1st October 2015 will be: 0 - 4 kw 12.47p/kwh4 - 10 kw 11.30p/kwh10 - 50 kw 11.30p/kwh50 - 100kw 9.63p/kwhThis is a slight change, but the government are proposing to drop the tariff by 87% from 1st January 2016. Please see below...