Solar PV

The Benefits of Solar PV

The benefits of installing Solar PV are instant, in that you will save money on your electricity bill straight away. As long as you are using what you generate during daylight hours (unless you have a solar battery). This is will only increase as the cost of fossil fuels rises. You will also benefit from the current feed in tariff and the export tariff.

The feed in tariff (FIT) is given for every kilowatt hour of energy you generate, which is currently 4.07p/kwh. When your system is installed you will be given a generation meter which tells you how much electricity you have produced.
To receive the full FIT you will need to have a band D Energy Performance Certificate. However, if your EPC is lower than this, our energy performance assessors can
advise you on how to increase your energy performance of your house to raise the level to band D. The tariff you receive will continue for 20 years, guaranteed and is tax free income, and is indexed linked so it will increase each year with inflation.

Other benefits include the export tariff, which is currently 5.07p/kwh and this is given for half of the amount you generate. The expected generation will be given on your MCS certificate and will have been given to you within your non-obligatory quotation.

The amount of energy you generate will depend where you are located in the country and which aspect your property faces and if it is free from shade. South facing and dual aspect east and west will provide the most benefits.

The FIT may have dropped, but there are still substantial benefits from having Solar PV, especially since they can now be used with a battery storage system and with smart meters on the way, you can only save money.