Heliotherm is an Austrian company that design and make a range of heat pumps. The reasons we endorse Heliotherm are wide ranging:

  • The Heliotherm Silent has been endorsed with a A+++ energy efficiency rating.

  • This outdoor air evaporator together with the indoor unit are the quietest air /water heat pump system on the market. Giving you and your neighbours a better quality of life.
  • It’s aesthetically pleasing, if you do not like the appearance of the white acoustic case it can be designed to your bespoke choice.

  • The system can be connected to your home network, providing you with the ability to remotely access and control the system. For commercial applications, it can be integrated into your existing Building Management System.

  • Heat pump output is controlled, with full modulation and weather compensation to achieve the highest COPs (co-efficient performance), ensuring optimum performance at minimum running cost.
  • Typcially, the average COP rating is 3, Heliotherm can reach an award winning, 7!

  • The system can also be retrofitted when combined with a photovoltaic system, enabling the heat pump is running for free on generated electricity only. This allows you to live a sustainable way rather than rely on costly fossil fuel.

  • Heliotherm is MCS accredited and we are accredited MCS installers which guarantees you will receive the RHI scheme.

  • Enjoy the highest heating comfort and the bliss of having a continued month to month surplus from your monthly energy savings.